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Touron Camel Train

In a coastal town in Kenya — Don’t miss out!

Only Local bookings (East Africa)

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Touron Camel Train

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Touron Camel Train

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Touron Camel Train

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Ever wondered why travel is important & why so many people travel from one end of the world to another?

As strange as it may sound, going far helps you understand what’s near a lot better.

a. Without Travel, You Can’t Really Know The Place You’re From (whether its from Africa to the world or from the world to Africa we get to know whats a miss in our lives; know your world, the people, the landscape and different animals, birds, plants, culture, etc)
b. Travel Helps Us Let Go of False Beliefs
c. Travel Helps Us Know Ourselves Better(Getting more time for thoughts)
d. Relaxes your mind off daily chores and makes you live longer*

So the question here is how has travel helped you in your personal growth???


To all our Subscribers, Readers, and future Readers who get to read this, families, friends and all bloggers, we at Touron Limited wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2014!!

Our special gift to you is a shared warm smile that assures you that in 2014 we will bring memorable experiences from the trips we have planned for you.

Stay smiling!!!

What kind of music do you listen to when traveling?

It so happens that you may forget that funky playlist you made full of your favorites only to reach the destination where you would be at the mercy of rural radio: a tasteless cesspit of mind-numbing, static-laden, talk shows about animal husbandry and agricultural practices, country hits from 1954, octogenarians announcing the rural racing results, and “Kikuyu rock”.

Well as a trip adviser, I’d recommend some soulful but real travel music otherwise don’t frown and yawn @ wonder when the trip will end.

However, its good & respectful to put on those headphones while tha car is on move & not when the guide is actively teaching. 🙂

Check this list for more great music!


1. What is the total area of Kenya?
a. 582,000 km² / 224,962 sq mi
b. 9,250 km² / 3,571 sq mi
c. 5,770 km² / 2,228 sq mi

2. What is East Africa’s Highest Mountain
a. Mt. Kenya
b. Mt. Kilimanjaro
c. Mt. Meru

3. Where Do you Find the famous wildebeest migration?
a. Asia
b. East Africa
c. Angola


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